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WGS Roll Roller

WGS Roll Roller

WGS Roll Roller is a component used in web guiding systems to ensure proper alignment of materials.

WGS Roll Roller is designed to provide exceptional performance in guiding materials across various machines and applications. Its dual-roller structure ensures precise synchronization between the entry and exit rollers, allowing the material to be accurately positioned and stabilized while moving in a circular motion with a wide centerline radius. This innovative operational method, known as Linear Rotation by WGS Automation, enables simultaneous linear and circular motion, effectively eliminating errors like folding or creasing, especially in processing aluminum strips.

The WGS Roll Roller can be customized to widths ranging from 100 mm to 4000 mm, catering to a wide range of industries and materials, from adhesive tape machines to fabric or bag-making machines. With the WGS Roll Roller web guiding system, your machines can operate at their highest speeds while minimizing waste and maintaining precise control over the material.


  • Linear Rotation motion ensures precise material guiding without damage.
  • Suitable body material options include aluminum or DKP sheet with a thickness of 4 mm.
  • Each web guiding system includes a precise adjustment mechanism.
  • Aluminum dovetail guide rail system enhances stability.
  • Special profile induction-hardened ground lead screw and drive mechanism ensure durability and performance.
  • Surface treatment of exit rollers tailored to the material, such as cork silicon coating, minimizes friction.
  • Compact and stylish design with minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Option for internal or external operator panel selection adds versatility and value to your machines.