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WGS-DMS Measurement Control System

WGS-DMS Measurement Control System

The WGD-QMX web guiding system ensures precise material alignment in various machines using a 4.3” touchscreen panel and two sensors.

The WGD-QMX web guiding system utilizes a 4.3” touchscreen operator panel and two identical web guiding sensors to ensure precise alignment of materials in various machines and applications. By synchronizing the movement of the input and output sensors, it effectively guides the material in a linear and circular motion around its axis, securing it in place at the origin point. This technology, known as WGS Web Guiding, enables simultaneous linear and circular motion, eliminating errors such as folding or tracking in materials like aluminum strips. The WGD-QMX system is customizable, ranging from 100mm to 4000mm in width, catering to industries from lamination transfer to fabric or bag-making machines. With the WGD-QMX web guiding system, your machines can achieve their highest processing speeds while minimizing material waste.


  • Utilizes a 4.3” resistive touchscreen display for user-friendly operation
  • Designed to control all necessary motors in your system
  • Capable of simultaneously controlling two different motors within the same group
  • Precision rate is approximately 5% of a millimeter
  • Employs PWM motion logarithm for smooth material movement during variability
  • Responsive to material deflection speed with sensitive reverse reaction
  • Offers measurement tolerance with precision up to one-tenth of a millimeter
  • Compatible with edge control sensors featuring 24V and 12V 0-5V or 0-10V output
  • Operates with a 24V DC voltage supply
  • Can be used as an external panel outside the WGS-DMS body if needed
  • Provides alerts for any material breakage by communicating with the existing machinery
  • Dimensions of the WGD-QMX measurement control panel: 130mm x 88mm