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WGD-ST Web Guiding Controllers

WGD-ST Web Guiding Controllers

The WGD-ST Web Guiding Controller effectively maintains precise material alignment and integrates seamlessly with web guiding sensors, featuring a 4.3-inch touchscreen interface. Operating on 24V DC voltage, it boasts compact dimensions of 130mm x 88mm.

“WGD-ST Web Guiding Controller” is manufactured utilizing a 4.3-inch touchscreen operator panel, prioritizing visual appeal to facilitate smoother and more comfortable operation for machine operators. It also aims to introduce our valued customers to industry innovations and technological advancements.

The WGD-ST Web Guiding Controller is a control unit designed to ensure flawless operation of web guiding systems by receiving position information of processed materials from web guiding sensors on your production lines. The web guiding sensor instantly transmits the position information of the material to the WGD-ST Web Guiding Controller. Based on the received data, the Web Guiding Controller interprets the position of the material under web tracking. It commands the Step motor group to either bring the material to the desired position or keep it steady. The web guiding mechanism, tailored to the technical specifications of the material and the machine, operates according to commands received from the WGD-ST Web Guiding Controller, moving the material being tracked by the web until it reaches the origin value on the web guiding sensor and remains in that position.

The WGD-ST Web Guiding Controller is suitable for machines operating at speeds ranging from an average of 5m/min to 200m/min. For systems operating at speeds between 5m/min and 1000m/min, the WGD-DC model can also be preferred.


  • Manufactured utilizing a 4.3-inch resistive touchscreen display.
  • Designed to operate Step motors required for your system.
  • Capable of simultaneously running two different Step motors from the same group.
  • Precision rate is approximately 5% of a millimeter.
  • Does not produce oscillations at the center point using PWM motion logarithm.
  • Can focus on material with sensitivity to its swaying speed through reverse response.
  • Capable of operating web guiding sensors with outputs of 24V or 12V and 0-5V or 0-10V.
  • Operates with a 24V DC voltage power supply.
  • Can be used as an external panel when necessary.
  • Alerts about material detachment if communicated with the machine.
  • Web guiding panel dimensions are 130mm x 88mm.